TPH Bylaws

Active Member Requirements


With the exception of dues, these are on a per semester basis.

  • Attend 75% of general meetings

    • There are 6 general meetings + 2 info sessions. You must attend 5 out of these 8!

    • If you cannot attend general meetings, you must notify an officer and do:

      • 5 extra hours of volunteering

      • 1 extra social event

    • If you attend less than 5 general meetings, but can attend most general meetings:

      • ​Attend 2 out of 4 study hours for one makeup meeting point max​​

  • Attend at least 4 social events

  • Fulfill at least 10 hours of volunteering

  • Receive at least 6 fundraising points

  • Points for each event will vary
  • Pay dues to the treasurer in one of these ways:

    • $40 per year 

    • $30 per semester


These requirements are void for Spring 2021 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Active status now entails:

  • 7 volunteering points

  • 4 social points

  • Attendance of 5 meetings

  • An optional donation to TPH- this is not a requirement!

The deadline to meet active status is Friday, May 7th!

Texas Public Health welcomes anyone and everyone interested in public health issues. You don’t have to be a member to attend meetings or participate in activities; we will keep track of your participation.


Why be an active member?


In addition to getting a TPH t-shirt, becoming an active member allows you the chance to run for an officer position the following year, and free admission to our end-of-the-year Texas Public Health Banquet. Plus, being an active member means you have had significant contact with professors and staff in the Public Health program and the School of Human Ecology, which often can prove useful (and you get to know some truly awesome people).


If you have any issues that make you feel that you cannot meet these requirements, but want to be an active member, talk to any of the officers to make special arrangements. There is always something to do, as long as you are committed.