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2022-2023 Officers:

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President - Sam Darby

I lead TPH general meetings and officer meetings, help set objectives and goals for the future of the organization, and help promote public health for all UT students.
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Vice President - Harsharndeep Kaur

I help facilitate relationships between TPH and other student and community organizations, and I schedule public health professionals to speak at our general meetings.
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Director of Communication - Jason Thomas

I send out updates in weekly newsletters, keep membership records, and serve as a liaison between the officer board and general members.
Director of Finance - Maddie Flowers

I accept dues from all members and help organize and coordinate events from a financial perspective. Additionally, I write grants to help secure more funding for larger events.
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Director of Fundraising - Inara Jiwani

I plan and coordinate fundraising opportunities for TPH members! These activities include profit shares, microbe tabling, and more! I also help secure donations for TPH events including Public Health Week.
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Director of Public Relations - Michelle Fleming

I represent TPH online and run the Instagram account and I make regular updates to the website. I also design our event graphics, promotional materials, and t-shirts!
Director of Volunteering - Pallavi Muraleedharan

My job is to plan/coordinate volunteering opportunities for members and update the membership sheet in regards to volunteering hours.
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Director of Social Events - Riya Desai

As Director of Social Events, I plan and organize all of our socials to foster a greater sense of community among our members.

2019-2020 Officers:

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Director of Academics - Manasa Ramesh

My role is to help you learn more about the Public Health major, explore leadership and internship opportunities, secure scholarships, and discover all the great things you can do in this field.
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